Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weather blast

2013's first sounding of the MTSU tornado siren came today with tornado warnings for Rutherford County, TN.  No touchdowns unfortunately, but it did bring a wild end to the 70º+ temperatures we had this week.  Freezing temperatures expected again soon... not looking forward to bringing all my plants in again.

NWS reports there was a minor tornado (EF-0) in Rutherford County:

"Tornado, reported by NWS storm survey. EF-0 tornado with maximum winds near 85 mph touched down along Floyd Road just southwest of Eagleville. Approximately 100 trees were snapped... and a residence suffered roof and window damage... along the approximate 1.5 mile damage path. Maximum path width was near 100 yards."

  Wild Turkey behavior
My woods serve as home to a flock of wild turkeys.  I don't understand their behavior.  If you were a large, heavy, ungamely bird... where would you go in a severe storm?   Perhaps shelter on the ground under some low lying branches?  No... during the height of the severe storm, in the 50+ mph winds and rain, these big birds perched on the highest branches of my oak trees, faced into the wind, and hung on for dear life.  Maybe they just wanted to 'experience' the storm?  Or maybe they just have very small brains.

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WEY The Senior said...

"No touchdowns unfortunately"

Are you kidding?