Friday, October 21, 2011

Fontana Lake - October 2011

On the boat for 5 nights on beautiful Fontana Lake.

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Fontana Lake, NC - in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

The weather was perfect. Two days got up near 80º. The other 3 days were around 70º and clear. I swam a little everyday.

The first day I was there, it was exceptionally windy... a Lake Wind Advisory was in effect for wind gusts to 45 mph. There were one to 2 foot waves with white caps on the main east-west stretch of lake. (see video below). In the many coves, it was a different world, completely sheltered from the wind. I was always comfortable with half my canvass up and my propane heater cranking. I even have an electric blanket for the cabin, so it was cozy.

Iska was able to be there for 3 nights - a real treat. We hiked the Lost Cove trail out of Eagle Creek to the Shuckstack Tower. It was a great hike. The last mile is great for 'firing the glutes' as it very steep.

The first photo shows what it looked like on Tues morning, my last day. It was spectacular. I saw a bald eagle fly over head as the fog was lifting and I was drinking my morning tea.

Awesome place.

Truly the best way to visit the Great Smoky Mountains - by boat.

This is the 21st year I've owned this 1987 SeaRay 230 Weekender. I wouldn't trade it for any other boat in it's class. It's a custom order boat with some unusual options. The teak appointed interior, the three deck hatches, the oversize water (36 gal.) and fuel (70 gal.) capacities give this cruiser a cruising range of about 200 miles. The 5.7 L. Mercruiser can push this boat to 43 mph. I may never need another boat.

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I have followed your blog for a while now. Love your trip reports on the GSMNP. That's how I found your blog was doing some research on a hike in the Fontana area. Thanks for the great pictures.