Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, Glorious Spring

Life is so good... another academic year over .... house paid off .... 100% debt free .... the beginning of a vacation ... starting my third year in love with the beautiful Iska ... in the best physical shape of my life - sprinting in college track meets at age 50 ... and it's gardening time ... the weather is gorgeous ... OH, glorious spring!!

My pool is open and warm!

The flowers are potted, and the tomatoes, and cucumbers are in the ground.

My little friend, the tree frog in one of my pots.


Anonymous said...

Since you're not 'religious' as such, then thank your Mom for giving you life and boy are you living it to the 9's!!! Best ...wey

democommie said...


I hated you when you were nearly debt free and didn't have a bunch of shitbox pick-ups on blocks in front of your doublewide. I hated you more when I saw pictures of a beautiful woman who was not only spending time with you, but seemed to be doing so voluntarily and enjoying it! I became very nearly splenetic when I read of your recent accomplishments in racing and your recovery from what, for many of us people who "act our age" a career ending injury (or at least a very plausible excuse for quitting).

But even with all of that going on I was still just a bit apathetic. Then I saw the treefrog. Damn, man, havin' the house, the Benjamins, the payin' job (doin' somethin' you like doin'!), the undirtbike, the yacht, the energy, AND the nice lady ain't enuff? No; you gotta have a treefrog, too!!

Jeez, I got a broke house, a negative balance, I'm pretty much crippled, my truck IS up on blocks and my current "girlfriend" is an 80something neighor lady! I could live with allathat pain and suffering (hey, it's not my fault, even if it's self-induced) IF I had a treefrog. So, far I got notnin' but a couplea slugs that I found under a rotting piece of lumber (one of my main beams) and they just lack panache, unowudimean?

So, this may sound like a litany of whining (and it is) but there's a silver, or at least silver colored, lining in this btsflkian* cloud'o'doom. Hatred, burning at white heat within my withered soul, is giving me the strength to carry on. You don't make me want to be a better man--an impossibility, in the event I am already perfect--just better able to cajole, hoodwink, browbeat, brownnose and bullshit my way to fame and fortune. I'm comin' William; I'm comin' for you. I'll get you AND your little treefrog! ;-)

* Per "Joe Btsflk", a character, invented by Al Capp for his "Li'l Abner" comic strip. Mr. Btsflk was followed everywhere he roamed, by a black cloud which always rained on someone else.