Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm back...

UPDATE 2: Pictured here - my new Spira Genesis 2 training shoes with the so-called "wave spring technology" Took 'em for a test drive this morning and they felt great. Springy, comfortable, stable. Goodbye to my old Saucony Pro Grids that served me well for over 3 years. Thanks Dad!


My first light day of speed work, 12 days after the hamstring injury.

Mile warm up
Long spints at 85-90% effort:
400m in 63 sec
4 x 200m in 27-28 sec

Thinking strongly about running the 400m for the first time at the Vanderbilt Invite on 4/23.

58 or bust!


Last 2 workouts:

mile warmup
2 x 400m - 61, 66
3 x 200m - 28, 27, 27

mile warmup
800m - 2:33
2 x 400m - 63, 68
200m - 26.5

This sprint training on blacktop is ripping up my feet. My Saucony training shoes will be replaced as I've ordered some Spira Genesis 2's. I am an "under pronator" which means I sprint heavily on the outside of my foot. The skin below my little toes is ripped, bleeding. I'm going to have to tape them next time.

Training strategy is to work on long sprints and strength at 80-90% effort. No consecutive run days. Resistance exercises and leaps on off days. At least one full day of rest, and one light day.
I WILL race my first 400m at Vandy on 4/23 (I'm registered!).

I'll then eventually transition back to shorter speed work and starts. Future races are: May 5 - 400m, May 14 - 100m and 200m, May 21 - 100m. Depending on how I do in this, my first 400m race will determine whether I see this as a competitive race for me. If I think I have a chance to go under 57 in the future, I will continue to train. If I struggle to run 59.75, I probably won't continue competing in it. The result will probably be somewhere in between. I seem to be able to stride a 27 sec 200m with not more than 90% effort, now if only I could put 2 of those together.

Weight is good: 139

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democommie said...

I know 'zackly how you feel, William. I hyperextended my thumb opening a tabtop on a Budweiser. Fortunately it was my left hand, the right still works just fine:)

Good for you, getting back into running. I've been riding my bicycle a bit, lately. It's mainly because my truck has been being repaired (new rear springs, brake work, a couple of new oxygen sensors--all a a pain in the ass, but cheaper if it's "homemade".) but it's kinda fun, going DOWN the hills!