Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August boat trip on Center Hill Lake

Boating to Great Falls at Rock Island State Park and a wilderness hike up Pine Creek

(click on pics for larger view)

The old classic Sea Ray is running like new thanks to Ed at Ed's Marine. I've been wanting to get back to the spectacular falls at Rock Is. since my trip there in June. I finally made it back during the last week in Aug on Mon and Tues. I had the place to myself. Traveling down from Sligo Marina, the most isolated part of Center Hill Lake is south of Pates Ford Marina. Some sections of the lake were mirror still. I stopped occasionally to swim, and once to photograph a large swimming rodent, not sure if it was an otter or muskrat.

I invited friends John and Nancy to hike up Pine Creek the next day. Pine Creek is a canyon with steep walls and grandiose rock formations. The creek goes underground less than a mile before a nice waterfall with a swimming hole. I have never seen anyone there on several hikes, it's a very isolated spot.

Both of these locations are absolutely perfect places to be during hot weather. They always seem cooler than the open lake area and certainly much cooler than in town.

Enjoy the pics. It was a great trip.


Anonymous said...


Way cool! Tech note: If it was a rodent it was not an otter. They be in the family "mustelidae" along with weasels, mink, steenkeen badgers and the like!

Let me know if you're doing your concert thingie in Binghamton in the fall.



RobertsonAt604 said...

awesome shots. amazing. thanks.

Ted said...

Added this to my list of places I have to go. Looks awesome!

I'm out of Huntsville. Nice job documenting great places in our area.