Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love this new cell phone

I've never had a cool phone. I've had the same ATT (formerly Cingular) cell phone and plan for several yrs.... up until this week.

I always thought it would be too expensive to have mobile internet and email but guess what? It costs me only about $35 a month. My dad sent me a phone on his plan that costs just $10 a month for an extended basic service plan and I upgraded to the new Envy2 phone... added texting and Verizon mobile web for just an additional $25 a month. It opens up like a mini computer with a full keyboard.

For most teenagers and iPhone users, this is no big deal but I can't tell you how long I've wanted a phone where I can get live weather radar, email, and internet. This is incredibly useful when I'm on a wilderness trip, living on my boat for a few weeks, hiking, cycling, etc...

<--- Check out the live radar shot of the storm rolling into Murfreesboro on Sat night.

The music downloads are amazing. Already I've downloaded some of my favorite Indian sitar ragas, Brazilian sambas, and rock tunes by Yes. I can plug the phone into a stereo and play the tunes. The speakers on the phone sound amazingly good for it's size. There are actually stereo speakers on each side of the display, like a desktop computer.

My parents have been sending me pictures and videos from a cruise ship in Alaska. I just love this phone!!


Old Man and mid pack runner said...

damn. $35 for web and phone service?

William said...

Yep, that's because it's part of my dad's multiphone plan. I pay my share on line as I would my own bill.

Lisa said...

My verizon internet only added $20 to my existing bill. I LOVE my blackberry.