Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well... it looks like I CAN run 5Ks


First Place
in my age group
. Third Prize Overall Masters Division. results

With over 1700 registered runners in the Nashville Zoo 5K Race, around 1000 running for time, I can't complain. This was a major race. I was 19th overall, with a 6:31 mile pace.

It was a very twisty slow course. Many tight turns, weaving in and out of park pavilions, running on gravel, mulch, and mud... it is totally amazing I smashed my personal record by more than 2 minutes! It looks like that speed work I'd been doing paid off. It appears my Adidas Adizero PR racing flats helped. Also, I'm exceptionally light right now at 142 lbs. And, I just love running in cold weather. For the first time in a big race, no one older than me beat me. This race is encouraging because, I only started running 5Ks seven weeks ago. I think on a good course, I'll go under 20:00. Evidence that is was a slow course was shown by the winners time, Jacob Carrigan ran only 17:44. He's usually in the 16s.

This is my fifth 5K race since Dec 1. I have increased my personal best in every race I've ever run, so... I'm still 'undefeated'. Never before had I made such a large improvement. It will be a tough act to follow.

I went out extremely fast today, 6:14 first mile. I think that is my best bet, run a fast first mile and finish with whatever I have left. 5Ks are painful races for me. But, my legs feel great and I hope to sprint soon, but that may have to wait until I get a chance to do more sprint specific training.

For winning Third Prize in the Masters overall, I got this gorgeous large coffee table size nature book: Hotspots Revisited: Earth's Biologically Richest and Most Endangered Terrestrial Ecoregions. It's filled with awesome nature photos and narrative, retails for about $65. I love it!

This may be the last 5k race I'll be able to run until March. I have a concert tour coming up and really need to focus on guitar now. This was a great way to end a string of races.

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Lisa said...

so, you did the zoo run afterall? can do 5ks! That's a great time, too. Uh, and you got your registration fee back and then some in that book, huh? :P

I was up half the night not feeling too great so I bailed on my B2B training run. I'm heading to Tim's ford lake around lunch to get it in alone with me, my shuffle, and nature.