Friday, January 25, 2008

Sprint training, not what it used to be

I wanted to run a sprint race this weekend but I am not ready. My thigh flexor is a little sore and I obviously need the right type of training to prepare. So I've pulled out of the AL Masters Championships. I'm almost ready to resume distance running and start sprint training, and I don't want to get injured.

[UPDATE Sat am: I've decided to run the Nashville Zoo Run 5K today]

I just ran a 20:38 three mile tonight with no pain - 6:52 mile avg. Amazing how different the muscle groups used in distance running compared to sprinting.

When I was a sprinter in highschool and briefly in college, our training wasn't anything like sprinters do today. We'd just lift weights, static stretches, practice starts and ran combinations of distance and sprints.

Today, sprinters do core stability workouts, plyometrics, dynamic stretches, trunk exercises, stability exercises, ankling, high knee running, dorsiflexion, reactive jumps, and a variety of bounds, jumps, skips, lunges, hops....etc

Check out Tom Green's website for some of these power exercises.

Resistance work also is essential. Check out this video of sprinters, some doing resistance work dragging weights.

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