Monday, May 28, 2007

Silviu Ciulei - flamenco guitarist performs on WPLN FM 90.3 - Tues at 11:06am - 'Live in Studio C'

Award winning MTSU Guitar Student performs on WPLN Tues May 29, 11:06 am and rebroadcast at 8:06 pm.

Flamenco, the earthy and rhythmic Spanish gypsy style of guitar playing is not a style heard much in Nashville. Listen to Silviu Ciulei perform a mostly flamenco guitar program on Tues, live on WPLN 90.3 FM.

Silviu is an award winning classical guitarist and a 'real deal' flamenco guitarist who has studied flamenco with top flamenco guitar masters Adam del Monte and Oscar Guzman.

In case you miss it, you can listen to Silviu's program anytime this week on the internet at

Silviu is a Romanian student attending MTSU on a full international music scholarship. This semester, Silviu won 2 major classical guitar competition prizes in the Texas Guitar Competition and the Appalachian State Competition.

Whenever I've played this show, I've always got up early to practice my program before going on. Silviu won't have that luxury, he'll be at work at 5 a.m. Tues, mopping floors at the MTSU cafeteria up until the time he has to leave to go play.

He'll be great, I guarantee it.

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