Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BIG NEWS: Bill's TN Paradise turns over a new leaf

Bill's TN Paradise is changing format.

No longer will politics be discussed here at Bill's TN Paradise. This blog will now serve as a personal log of adventures, photos, and experiences that make life here in Tennessee a true paradise.

This serves to announce a new blog devoted to debate on politics, social issues, religion, etc... appropriately titled: Loose TN Canon. Please adjust your site feeds.

The new Bill's TN Paradise will be what it was originally intended to be, things that make life rich - living a life less ordinary. Look forward to articles about music, art, culture, nature, travel, and adventure with plenty of photos. Hiking, boating, water skiing, kayaking, and dual-sport motorcycling are some of the outdoor activities I'll be commenting on. Also, topics about music, especially classical guitar and classical music will be mentioned occasionally. This is what life is all about, not debating with idiotic and immobile conservatives.

Some of my favorite places will be discussed, some locations will be kept secret while some will be revealed.

In this first installment of favorite places, we have my ship beneath Burgess Falls, and my Sherpa dual-sport motorcycle at Prentice Cooper State Forest.

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