Friday, April 27, 2007

The Republican Culture of Corruption - They're dropping like flies

File this one under "Republican moral values"

Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias resigned Friday, one day after confirming to ABC News that he had been a customer of a Washington, D.C. escort service whose owner has been charged by federal prosecutors with running a prostitution operation. Tobias was a strong proponent of the Bush administration’s abstinence-only policies. Tobias also oversaw a controversial policy advocated by the religious right that required any US-based group receiving anti-AIDS funds to take an anti-prostitution “loyalty oath.” (More on Republican sex crimes).

File this one under "criminals investigating criminals"

Senior Justice Department official Robert E. Coughlin II, deputy chief of staff for the criminal division, which is overseeing the Department’s probe of Abramoff resigned as investigators in Coughlin’s own division ratcheted up their investigation of lobbyist Kevin Ring, Coughlin’s long-time friend and a key associate of Abramoff.

Run down of Republicans convicted or under investigation

This is a short list and does not include lobbyists, congressional aids, CEOs, contractors, war profiteers or many of the others involved in the vast umbrella that has become know as the Republican Culture of Corruption.

    (A nice photo of our President with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. President Bush said of Abramoff, "I don't know him").

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