Monday, April 2, 2007

"Natural History Museums Turn Countless Minds Against Christ"
The alternative? A $25 million Creationist Museum set to open in Petersburg, KY

Science Turns Countless Minds Against Christ

Forget those big city museums - the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, you wouldn't want your kids thinkin' we evolved from monkeys, now would ya? Solution? Keep 'em home schooled and as far away from an Anthropology textbook as possible. (you might as well hide the Geology and Archeology texts too... they all lie ya know). You need to take 'em up to Kentucky for an educashun at the Creation Museum, where they'll see the Garden of Eden, complete with dinosaurs together with Adam and Eve. Here, they'll learn the world is really just 6000 years old. The museum website proclaims:

"Set to open in June 2007, this “walk through history” museum will counter evolutionary natural history museums that turn countless minds against Christ and Scripture."
Museum founder Ken Ham said that if the creation story in the Bible is not true, then none of the Bible is true.

By the way, Ham's website gives multiple options for contributing money to this $25,000,000 museum. Get out your credit card. You can become a 'partner of the museum' by purchasing a framed poster for $1000+.

So... science turns countless minds against Christ? Sounds like a liberal atheist conspiracy. If so, it's not working... according to a recent poll, half of Americans reject the theory of evolution.

There is an explanation for this mindset - a reason why Americans are susceptible to the Creationist/Intelligent Design hoax. The question must be asked ... how many Americans can actually understand the details of, and evidence supporting evolutionary science? According to the National Science Foundation, fewer than one-fifth of Americans meet a minimal standard of civic scientific literacy. That topic, I explored in a previous post.

Evangelist Chuck Missler Disproves Evolution With Jar Of Peanut Butter [VIDEO]


Glenda said...

Some thoughts...

How many hungry could be fed and naked clothed for 25 million bucks?

From their Statement of Faith (number one):
"The scientific aspects of creation are important, but are secondary in importance to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Guess that says it all, huh?

It's a combination of lack of scientific education and fear. Fear of backing the wrong horse and ending up eternally punished. A few manipulating millions for money, power and ego. Sad and scary.

pam said...

This seems closely related to the Republican War on Science... really, a "War on Reality." Denial is a hallmark of this type of thinking.

Loonytick Skook said...

I came across a brochure for this place just a week or two ago at the Kentucky Welcome Center. The brochure said it was set to open in 2005, which caught my attention, seeing as it's, you know, 2007 now.

I wonder if this place will ever actually open?

And if it doesn't, does that still mean that all that money was spent on it rather than actually living out the Gospel through acts of kindness and love, as opposed to building walls of simple-minded division?