Monday, January 22, 2007

Tuesday's Concert -1/23: Early Music from Spain and a Rodrigo Concerto

Forget the State of the Union Address, I'm playing a concert. (Guess i'll watch the reruns.... go Senator Webb!)

Tuesday's program in MTSU's Hinton Hall at 8pm will be a tribute to our Spanish heritage. Did you know the first European music ever heard on this continent was from the 16th century 'Golden Age of Spanish Music' ? Yes, we're talking the music of the Spanish vihuelistas. What's a 'vihuelista'? One who plays the vihuela, of course. What's a vihuela? Google it. My students will be thinking, 'why is he playing such easy stuff?' ... well, you gotta have a theme and this one is Early Spain.

In addition to Spanish Renaissance music, I'll play a few short pieces from the Spanish Baroque Guitar rep, a short sonata by Mateo Albeniz (in the tradition of Soler and Scarlatti) before the main course - the Fantasia para un gentilhombre by Rodrigo. A guitar concerto accompanied by Titus Bartos on piano. In accordance with the Early Spain theme, this piece is based on themes of 17th cent. guitarist, Gaspar Sanz. Actually, a thinly-veiled 'dry run' for my upcoming performance of this piece with the TN Philharmonic on Feb 5.

It will be the shortest concert of the season guaranteed. 45 minutes - no intermission. Get yourself some quick recital credit and go home and watch the reruns of the State of the Union Address.

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