Friday, January 19, 2007

More rare than a Lamborghini

This is my 1987 Suzuki DR100. What makes this bike possibly one of the rarest production bikes in the US is that is titled and registered as street legal, because it was originally titled as an off-highway vehicle. Isn't it cute??!!

After adding brake lights, high/low beam, turn signals, mirrors, DOT tires, speedometer, and a custom welded luggage rack, I was told by state authorities (rather tersely) it could never be allowed to be registered in TN for street use. Absurd, particularly since TN doesn't inspect vehicles and all manner of jalopies roll down the road here.

How did I get this little bike registered? Well, a long story. The short version: I took the bike to VA where it passed a complete motorcycle safety inspection. You don't have to be a VA resident to get a VA title. So I transfered the title to VA, then to TN and wha-la.

Check out my motorcycle photo page - "the cycle path less traveled."

This bike has 6 gears and gets near 100 MPG!! Very durable, rugged, starts on the first kick.


Anonymous said...

Nice ride!!

Anonymous said...

i have a 1987 Suzuki dr 100 that I am trying to get running again. I have had it for 11 years! hasnt run in 3. I am also in TN

William said...

Pretty simple engines. Mine starts 1st or second kick with the choke on, even in freezing weather. Check to see if you're getting spark and gas.

thx1138 said...

Hi from England. I had one of those too. Until I seized the engine on mine, and locked the back wheel up. It was my first ever bike, and I have fond memories of it.