Sunday, May 24, 2015

ahhh ... spring '15

Spring on the mountain.  The weather has been just awesome.  Quite dry for late April and early May.   Only a few humid days and generally cooler to seasonable.   In the past month (4/24-5/24), the high temperature was 82º and the low 41º with only 2.44" of rain.  Last Thursday, a return to fireplace weather.  Only 53º as a daytime high and 43º over night.  I had the patio fireplace going all day, and a fire inside at night.   The temperature has been so generally moderate that I haven't used my central heat or A/C for at least a month, and have slept with the windows open every night.   This last several days in Sewanee has been so beautiful.  The air smells sweet as it blows cool across my bed, all night and in the morning.  Nothing but the sound of wind and birds.  I can't imagine a better sleeping experience.  The wildflowers of April didn't disappoint.

April storm
Roya under Morgan's Steep

"Tunnel of mountain laurel" - Otey View, Perimeter trail

Big leaf magnolia blossom

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