Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New cam

I really wish I had this new Dropcam - a high resolution streaming IP camera with web based recording - back during those epic August storms.

My Sewanee Dropcam has a few challenges as it is operating at the edge of my internet capabilities ... with only slow DSL available here and quite a distance to the router.   Nevertheless, it's seems to be working at about 98%, with only occasional screen freezes.

The Dropcam is in addition to the low resolution IP cam integrated with the weather station.  The feed is irregularly updated as it is controlled by the Weather Underground network of webcams, which really has some serious inconsistency issues.  You can view this at any time by clicking the link/photo on the sidebar of this blog.   The Dropcam has a much wider angle view than the Ambientcam weather camera.

I've decided to not make the Dropcam stream public because it has excellent audio and I would rather not have a possible public eavesdropper in my midst... but perhaps when I'm away for more than a week, I'll stream it publicly.    The great thing about Dropcam is the ability to generate timelapse recording... which I posted my first one to Youtube (below).   It was a rainy last day in August and the clouds/fog below in the cove was really beautiful.    Unfortuately, all Dropcam recordings display the Dropcam logo in the lower right of the image.

This is the beginning of sunset season where the orb of the setting sun will rotate south on the horizon and be in my full view.

Still not tired of the view.   This was the view from my deck on the last sunset of August. (Canon Powershot A2400SI)

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