Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photos from the tree house

Playing with my camera again....

Weather was nice enough to sit out on the deck all night and practice.  Rarely see a mosquito.  Sometimes it doesn't occur to me to put my clothes on.

Weather has been great... cool for July.   In the last week, the daily high temperature topped out below 80º for 5 of the last 7 days.   The week's temperature range was 57º -  83º.    I have yet to see a day over 90º the entire 21 months I've been here in Sewanee, TN ... remarkable since we're in far southern TN.   I guess you could say it's the 'Deep South'.... just a dozen or so miles from the Alabama state line.  I have yet to use my air conditioning, my electric bill was $37 last month.

Found some good GA peaches today in Tracy City and on the way back, I helped a turtle and large black snake to cross the road safely.

Sunset after rain - in fairy land

moon over fog in Lost Cove  - wee hours of the morning

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democommie said...

Were the turtle and snake a couple? Cuz I heard that if we allow teh GAY to be human then animals will want to do interspecies marryin', next! {;>)