Monday, June 2, 2014

Tennessee Guitar Festival 2014

Tennessee International Guitar Competition Results:

FIRST PRIZE - Jesus Serrano (Mexico): $1200 + Glenn Perry, guitar
SECOND PRIZE - Jeremy Collins (USA): $750
THIRD PRIZE - Celil Kaya (Turkey): $500
FOURTH PRIZE - Stephen Lochbaum (Canada): $300

All prize winners received strings and accessories from D'Addario.

Thanks to the Tantalus Quartet of Stephen Mattingly, Lynn McGrath, Adam Foster and Kris Anderson who joined me in residence at my home for 5 nights... and to Stanley Yates, Silviu Ciulei and Chad Ibison.

And wow... the parties.   Not only did the Tantalus Quartet bring a wonderful judges panel to the festival, we also had a wine sommelier in residence with Adam Foster.

Friday night pasta...

Prize winners, judges, performers... friends

Saturday night paella...

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democommie said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Judging by the size of that crowd I don't see any leftovers on the paella.

Have you seen this?:

I'm guessing some serious guitar lessons early in life, but you'd know better than I.