Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moon view from the treehouse

The tree canopy is back!  And this time of year is great for porch sleeping.  A constant southern breeze and mild temperatures made the porch futon a slice of heaven.  No bugs or mosquitos, it was perfect.

The moon over Lost Cove was tremendous this early week.

Canon A2400 - pocket camera - 5" shutter speed


democommie said...

Bats, William, bats and dragonflies and froggies? They'll keep the skeeterz under control. I usually wear a few of them on short leashes when I'm out and about; at home I just let them run free with their little radio shock collars clipped on. Works like a charm.

We have not had snow here for, like, two weeks!

William said...

I probably shouldn't have but I relocated 2 large black snakes away from my Murfreesboro house to the distant edge of my property. They are great mousers... but I'm getting ready to host a bunch of guests for Guitar Fest... and they can 'scare people'.

democommie said...

Relocating the snakes was the thing to do. Too many people see any snake (even up here in CNY and think "POISON!" and want to kill it. I really like snakes around the property; they are, as you say, good mousers and they're just cool to watch at work.

It rained buckets here yesterday and it's now about 58 degrees, with a wind right off the lake, which is about 50 degrees. I'm freezing my ass off when I step outside,

Have a good weekend with music, wine and great food (I suspect you're making your paella or some other mob-friendly dish). I made 150 crepes for a Mother's day brunch last weekend. All the folks who ate them (as part of a huge buffet) enjoyed the homemade aspect.