Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday June 11, 7:32 am

Today, I met with the Franklin Co. tax assessors. I went to challenge my tax appraisal which is $261,700. They denied my appeal and said that I would have to go to the state level to appeal, which I will. I have a property appraisal for $190,000. They said my property is like 'ocean front' and needs to be assessed accordingly. But, come on ... at $92,000 an acre? That is ridiculous!

 I admitted, "ok, yea, I do have sort of a view, but...."

 I will make a better case to the state at the Tullahoma courthouse in a few months.

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democommie said...

I will not be touching the exterior of my house for another 18 months. I turn 65 in October 2014 and will get a larger deduction for my real estate taxes.

Considering TN's lack of rationality in their state lege, I'm sure that they're only taxing you $10 or so a thousand.