Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revelations from the woods


Last night I talked with a super talented young musician who was the victim of a car-jacking.  He was shot in the neck and for a while, didn't know whether he would live or die.   He said, at times like that, 'your true colors appear.'   He said he was a Christian and his belief carried him through it.  He said he never felt closer to God.  His manner was admirable.  Graceful and humble; and his musicianship - expressive and impressive, especially for such a young guy.

Not being traditionally religious, I thought about this a lot in my alone time - a great time to process.  (Alone time in abundance is rare for most people.   Married people and parents can't relate to this, as they have really never been alone for any extended period in their lives.  Maybe it's the abundance of alone time that makes such social interaction all the more valuable and vivid, as well as serving as a great opportunity for real reflection).

Positive thinking, kindness, love and religion are all the same vibration.   Positive thinking in the powers of the universe - it is in us all.  Critical thinking is important to a point, but sometimes to release preconceived notions can make for a better understanding, more diversity of experience, better human relations and respect.  Trying to change people by disparaging them for their beliefs is such a waste of energy, that is why politics suck. I do believe in standing up for what I believe in but I haven't had the energy lately to be involved with politics.  Sometimes, religion loses it's way and becomes divisive as well.

I used to use the irritating rhetorical question, "Is that what you believe?" ... all the time.   Glad those days are over.  Belief is such a loaded concept.  It often doesn't make for a very useful construct in human relations.  Being a skeptic by nature has not helped me in that regard.  I'm ready to leave that behind because 'doubting' is 'a religion' - in and of itself, and not a good one.  It can alienate people and be divisive.  It is limiting and conservative.  It's puts people unnecessarily on guard.  Who am I to judge something that is beyond my experience?  The goal is love and kindness in any human relationship and there is sometimes a rub with belief and skepticism.   Even healthy skepticism doesn't need to be demeaning.  Polite inquiry should rule the day, not sarcastic challenges.

That is why politics is such a bust and so little cooperation takes place.   Opponents beliefs are often used to demean them.   It's not black and white. There is only the diversity of experience and cultures.

I find myself attracted to the good.  I feel like I want to share some music.  I hope to play in church sometime.

Life is good.  I'm happy to be able to learn something new whenever I can.  I'm really enjoying learning  new music.

Windy and 68º on the bluff today with winds gusting to 27 mph.


democommie said...

I am an atheist. It matters not one bit to me if someone is a believer in whatever it is that they believe in, for exactly as long as they do not think that their belief SHOULD be mine or anyone else's belief.

I find that people who can't leave others alone on such subjects are just authoritarians at heart. Whether it's politics, religions, sports, food, music or any other subject--they have to be right.

William said...

What you said is exactly correct and I see it all the time - the divisiveness. For example, I have have neighbors that I really like but we've never really hung out and they've never accepted invitations to come over. The only reason I can think of is that must think I'm not "Godly enough" for them. They apparently only associate with people that go to their approved churches.