Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tennessee Guitar Festival 2012

Great music and good times.

 Congrats to the TN Guitar Competition winners and all those who attended.
First Prize, $1500 - Max Zuckerman  
Second Prize, $750 - Jeremy Collins 
Third Prize, $500 - Antoniy Kakamakov  
Fourth Prize, $300 - Edgar Ivan Resendiz
 Awesome performances by Jorge Caballero, Carlos Castilla, and Ben Bolt. The competition level was extremely high. Jorge gave an incredible masterclass to 5 performers lasting almost 5 hours, without a break. Jorge's concert was spectacular. Many said that it was the best they'd ever seen. He played the Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exposition." I remember seeing the America premier of that transcription by Yamashita 28 yrs ago in Toronto. Jorge's was even better.

 We partied til 3 am... paella!


democommie said...

I shooda bin a bedur stoodent!

Looks like it was a lot of fun. One of these days I gotta get to TN; hell, one of these days I gotta get over to Rochester--there's plenty of good music over there.

Enjoy summer.

Ben Bolt said...

"The best concert begins after midnight!"