Friday, November 5, 2010

Cutting big red oak firewood

This was one huge log.

Some of these pieces of oak weigh 300+ lbs.

Takes every bit of strength I have to move these pieces around. It's very straight wood and should split really well. I'll hopefully have enough cut and split to keep my fireplaces warm all winter.

This Stihl 026 chainsaw is 13 years old and still kicks ass. It was my dad's housewarming gift to me back in early '97.

Thanks Dad. Your gift is well used and appreciated after all these years.

UPDATE: Wood is split, now to stack.

Lower picture... note the three distinct color woods: Red Oak (brown), TN Cedar (purple), and Osage orange (yellow).


democommie said...

He's a lumberjack and he's okay; he sleeps all night and he works all day!!

I spent some time on Sunday, helping a friend remove some trees from his yard. Big weeds, actually, 35-40 footers about 8-14" in diameter. Dropping them was no problem, cutting them was no problem (poplar is my guess) stacking, no problem. Getting out of bed on Monday? big problem. The sciatica snake bit me and I was in some kinda pain for about24 hours--all better now, though. The Cedar looks pretty nice, that stuff must burn like cannon fuse.

William said...

I like burning the cedar in my sauna. Burns real hot. Hope your back improves, Terry.