Friday, August 27, 2010

Thinking about screaming to Dave Ramsey

By November, my house will be paid off.

Having an abundance of concerts in the past few years has allowed me to get way ahead on mortgage payments. I could pay it off now, but I think I might buy a car first. This will be the first time since my pre-college youth that I will be 100% debt free. I might just call Dave Ramsey and scream "I'm debt free!" This is one of the most important milestones of life. Wanted to do it before I turned 50, but whats a few months?

I've often thought about selling this place and moving to a more isolated setting with a bluff view or on the water, but I'm pretty happy with my place. I thought about reopening it as a Bn'B. I thought about building a smaller cabin in my woods and renting out the big house. Any ideas?

It will always be worth more than it's appraised value since it's a unique historic house, hand-hewn in the 1830's from red cedar, (moved and reassembled in the '60's), and location location location... it's on 4 acres in the largest stand of big oak forest within one mile of the largest undergraduate college in the state.

Not a bad spot.

Bottom pic: the back patio under the solarium is where I spend most of my time in the summer. 100% private, I like that.


ELF Radio said...

Hey, there, sir. You don't know me, but i'm just another Tennessee liberal who likes to give that Serr8d guy a hard time, even if he hides 99% of what i say. Isn't he just the cutest?

You're pretty famous over at that Protein Wisdom site, you know. They say that you're a Communist Nazi vegan socialist witch infiltrator half-Obama cyborg who is destroying America... but looking at your page, you seem like a cool fellow.

And damn, that is a pimp house.

William said...

I keep politics off this blog, please visit the other to hear more about the "anonymous ankle-biting cowards from Protein Wisdom and their unemployable manbaby of a leader."

democommie said...

Dear William:

I have decided that you IF I was a KKKhristian (or even a christian) that being jealous of you and your success and quality of life would be my particular heavenbarrin' vice.

I mean, hey, I got no problem that you play the gitfiddle so good--I know lotsa down'n'outer lowlifes who can pick like Slatt & Fugs. Ditto that neat house of yours in the woods there. I start to get a little, just a teensy smidge, envious of you when I see them pikchoors of that nice lady you spend time with. The boat, the car(s), the skinnyness, the stillgothaironyourhead, the motorsickle, the hikeywoods and swimmylakes--they all tend to ratchet up the greenjuice of envy.

I gotta tell ya, though, the straw that breaks the camels back is the solvency thing. Now that just ain't natural. You don't owe no fuggin' money at, like, 35% per payday and you think you can still call yourself a MerKKKan?

You need to seriously consider losin' a few teeth, gettin' yourself a double-wide (with opposite corners on pallets, cuz' the wheel sets are rusted out) a few mangy curs and trade in your guitar for a banjo. Whoops, almost forgot, get back in debt, son, it's the "MerKKKan Way" to be!!

P.S. you can send your friend Mr. ElfRadio over to my blog,, cuz' I'm not apolitical yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Demo ... He does have 'very old vehicles' in the yard ....SR

Nan said...

Congratulations on your solvency! We're in process of hitting the same point.

I was speaking with a guitar major at my daughter's university. He was transferring to your school and very excited to be working with such a wonderful group of faculty. I sent him to your blog.