Monday, July 5, 2010

Running Roark's Cove Rd. - 1000' climb in 2.8 miles

I love running hills. The climb from the base of Roark's Cove Rd. up to Sewanee, TN is 1000 feet over 2.8 miles. After the climb, I run to Iska's house an additional 1.6 miles on the flat to complete a nice 4.4 mile run. It always seems that the last mile on the flat is harder than the hill. I can only manage about a 9 min mile up the steep. And, it's brutally steep in places, for extended stretches. In fact, it's such a climb, I can feel a change in the air from bottom to top. It is usually several degrees cooler at the top.

It's a great workout, and less impact than running on the flat. I do this run almost every time I visit Sewanee. July 4th weekend, I did this run every morning, 3 days in a row. A good way to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday this week.

I intend to run this hill on my 60th birthday as well.

Check out the topo map, click to enlarge.

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