Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arturo Sandoval was the pinnacle of Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival. Awesome musician.

Arturo Sandoval ripped a blend of modern jazz with smokin' hot bop to an appreciative crowd at Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival.

I just happened upon the festival and was happy to find a spot at the dock for my boat. I noticed a former student playing percussion with the band at one of the venues, so I decided to listen. I asked a volunteer for a schedule to see what was coming next and I saw "Arturo Sandoval" would be performing. THE Arturo Sandoval I thought?? Surely not the legendary Cuban jazz trumpeter, 4 time Grammy award winner??!!! Yes, it was true!

I was blown away. Not only did he play his trademark blazing fast bebop on trumpet, he also scat sang and played percussion. What a musician! He was also quite an entertainer (those 2 qualities are different, you know).

I heard Arturo warming up just above the boat dock. Blowing long tones, playing arpeggios. I spoke with him briefly. He ended his concert with a tune by his famous mentor, "A Night in Tunisia" by the late great Dizzy Gillespie. It was a memorable concert.

He was actually playing opposite of Charlie Daniels, who was on the main stage. Sorry, but Charlie sounded pathetic in comparison. I heard CDB play 4 tunes, Amazing Grace, The Star Spangled Banner, an arrangement of William Tell (showcasing the guitarist - I guess his concept of "classical guitar?"), and his hit - Devil went Down to Georgia. It was bad... unless you like out of tune fiddle playing. I was a CDB fan as a kid. I always liked the CDB album Saddletramp. I guess my tastes have evolved over the years. Charlie has since turned into a (self-described) redneck and a mediocre fiddler. By comparison, Arturo is at the top of his game. I know, apples and oranges.... yet, I tend to appreciate virtuosity over pop stardom.

Later that night, Iska and I went through the Chickamauga Lock and spent a beautiful night in a cove among the islands at Harrison Bay State Park.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic!
If only the cumberland was this pretty..ha
Still waiting for you to show up at a race sometime..
Cheers, Jacob