Friday, April 10, 2009

Storm chasing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Storm Chasing in Murfreesboro

It was an exceptionally fine and productive day of storm chasing. I intercepted this tornado near Osborne Lane in Murfreesboro, TN yesterday. This tornado was near the end of it's life and was beginning to "rope-out" by the time it crossed rt. 96 near Lascasas. I actually entered the debris cloud at one point and came within a quarter mile. It was a very impressive tornado at one point, causing localized devastation, dozens of injuries, and 2 deaths. It missed my house by at least 3 miles.

The second picture was taken by my friend Titus Bartos from Murfreesboro Rd. when the tornado was much stronger.

I really love to witness the power of nature. It was a rare opportunity. Some part of me likes the eerie sound of that tornado siren at MTSU.

Here is a short video I took as the tornado was moving away from me after I passed through the debris cloud off Osborne Lane.

Watch the initial touchdown that was captured on a webcam live on WKRN. Listen to the broadcasters, they were obviously impressed, nearly freakin' out over the seriousness of the situation. (youtube video below)

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a perfect example of a dangerous muse...