Thursday, March 5, 2009

First week of 5k training - TORTURE!

Maybe I'll run a few 5k races. I really hate this training but part of me loves it, I must have a masochist streak in me.

This was my first week of serious 5k training after a meager injury filled indoor sprint season. I'm amazed that my crappy 55m sprint time is still in the top ten (#8) nationally in my age group. I know I can do better.

But for now, I'll just torture myself with 3 or 4 more weeks of 5k training and maybe run a few races before it gets warm.

Here was my first week - and it was a ball buster!!

2/27: 4 miles - 7:02 avg pace

2/28: 6 miles - 7:09 avg pace

2/3: 8 half miles intervals with 3 min rest between at 3:01 avg pace

2/5: 3 miles in 20:01 (6:40 pace), 2 miles in 13:41 (6:50 pace); 1 mile in 6:13 .... 8 min rest between intervals



Old Man and mid pack runner said...

sadly I'm starting to "like" the track. our thursday workout was tough because of the 20 mph headwind, but at least it was warm.
I'll just be happy to still be running when I'm Zanes' age.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

We're not going to the track this weeek. We're all racing Tom King. Probably do a short tempo run on Tuesday. Should be back to the track the following week.