Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Honda turns 200,000

My 1989 Honda Civic recently turned 200,000 miles.

With gas prices the way they are, I've decided to give this car some new parts and a nice mechanical update:

New timing belt, water pump, new belts, hoses, valve cover gasket, cam seal, plugs, wires... it already got a new radiator last year.

I just ordered that trim piece that fits between the bumper and hood and I'm actually thinking about getting it painted. What do you think... black or original color?

Everything works on this car, even the old R-12 freon A/C system. Without airbags and anti-lock brakes, it's not the safest car, but it sure is efficient. It still gets 38 mpg.

Since my commute to work is so short and I use one of my motorcycles almost always, I hope to drive this car at least until I pay off my house, sometime around the end of 2011. Not too far away!

This car I purchased in 1994 for $4800 with 74,000 miles on it.

It was the best money I ever spent.

These pre-2001 Civic Hatchbacks are just about impossible to find used. I think that attests to their longevity and their great design. One of the finest designed cars ever. I can actually fit 2 bikes inside and shut the hatchback. I've even hauled 16' lumber in this car, (hanging out the back of course). In my opinion the new Civic Hatchbacks may be faster but they suck. They don't get nearly the mileage that the older 1.5L Civic Hatchbacks do. These older Civic HBs sit lower, are more streamlined, and less bulky looking then the newer post-2002 Civic Hatchbacks.

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