Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another awesome paella

A mid-summer's night paella.

This dish came out well. This spanish rice paella had 9 lbs of seafood: 4 lbs shrimp, 2 lbs scallops, 2 lbs cod, and a lb of mussels. I don't make it the traditional way in an open paella pan, I saute all the seafood in garlic butter with parsley before mixing it with the cooked rice. Garnish with mussels in the shell and slices of lemon and red roasted peppers. I think it makes for a tastier and less dry paella.


These pictures are becoming cliche'...

Josh turned 30, Sliviu prepares to leave for FSU ona full graduate assistantship.

After a while, most everyone got in the pool and hot tub.

Happy summer!!


Lisa said...

It looks good (colorful) but I'm not big on seafood. :P

William said...

I think Americans, particularly people in the south, could benefit greatly from a Mediterranean diet.

Ellen said...

In a study of 75,000 Europeans aged 60 and above, a diet based on seafood, fruits, vegetables, legumes, rice, olive oil, and wine was linked to a longer life expectancy, less cancer and heart disease. The fat in seafood, olive oil, avocados and nuts is good for the heart. Americans eat too much beef, pork, chicken, sugar, and processed foods with chemical additives - like sodas and diet sodas. Obesity is out of control in the US.

Lisa said...

I rarely even eat meat or drink sodas so I'm not the typical southern eater. :P