Monday, May 26, 2008

Yet another awesome paella party

Paella, wine, music, and everyone in the pool. It was great.

This paella was awesome, 3 lbs shrimp, 2 lbs scallops, 2 lbs mahi-mahi. Trim with mussels, lemons and roasted peppers... all in buttery Valencian saffron rice, wow. So good.

After a while, Silviu, BJ and Taylor gave an impromptu farewell performance of Tequila flamenco.

It was great to welcome Julie, Michelle, Mandy, Andrea, Javier... all who just finished their first year as MTSU staff. Tana came in Renaissance garb, directly from the Ren Faire. Don Rung came from Sewanee.

Soon after, most everyone was in the warm pool and hot tub.

What a great night. Party hardy.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great evening.

Don said...

Some nice music. Bill, I hope some of that cover charge you asked me for really went to the musicians.

Anonymous said...

So, William:

Do you have a paella pan, if so where did you buy it?

Lemme know if you want to use some squirrel in the next batch, (I'm up to six so far, trapped IN the house) and I'll send 'em along--fresh and kicking!

Great music, btw.