Saturday, February 3, 2007

Would you believe it? My parents hit by natural disasters twice in 7 months

Well, from initial unconfirmed reports, it seems it could have been worse this time. We weren't saying that last June when my parents house on the Susquehanna River in upstate NY flooded for the first time ever. Land that hadn't flooded in perhaps many hundreds of years was flooded. My parents were spared the actual event as they were at their new vacation house in FL. My brother was carried off the roof by boat and enjoyed brief notoriety on both the Weather Channel and ABC World News Tonite as a flood victim. My parents just returned to their wonderfully rebuilt house in NY to find that their new Florida house had been damaged in last nights tornado in The Villages, FL. The total extent is not known but their house has been reported to be standing with just minor or moderate roof damage. Some windows and a screened porch may be gone. Parts of their immediate neighborhood were devastated. No doubt it's a helluva mess. At least I'm thankful they are safe and that they did not have to endure the terror of the 3:30 am tornado that killed 20. As a storm chaser, I personally think it would have been exciting to be there. I know my brother would have enjoyed it. A Groundhog Day that will live in infamy. Here is a photo of the Mallory Hill Country Club just a short jog from their house:

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